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Onyxer Digital proudly presents our web project for Vinstra, a Norwegian oil and gas transportation company. Our mission was to create a website that reflects their industry’s serious and professional nature.

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Our design approach for Vinstra’s website was governed by simplicity and seriousness. We avoided excessive animations and bright elements, following the client’s preference for a straightforward design. A significant feature was incorporating numerous photographs, aligning with Vinstra’s request. Typography and text were the focal points rather than intricate UI elements. The website features comprehensive service descriptions without the need for individual service pages. We employed a grid layout with minimal iconography, resulting in a compact and efficient website design.


Vinstra’s website was developed on WordPress, eschewing page builders for a more bespoke approach. We utilized the Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) plugin for a block-by-block layout, allowing for creating new pages using prebuilt blocks. This method provided maximum customization, ensuring different image resolutions and content adaptability. Admins can easily modify all images and texts, enhancing the site’s flexibility. We prioritized minimal plugin use, optimizing site performance and achieving a high Page Speed score. The result was a simple yet highly optimized website.


Our solution for Vinstra involved balancing functionality with design aesthetics. We created a website that efficiently communicates Vinstra’s services and expertise by focusing on a user-friendly interface and seamless navigation. The block-by-block layout facilitated content management, adapting the site to Vinstra’s evolving needs. Our strategic use of photographs and text-centric design underscored the company’s professional image, while the technical backend ensured a smooth, fast-loading user experience.


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