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Onyxer Digital presents our comprehensive project for Accounting SEO, a niche SEO agency in Britain that caters to accountants. We developed their brand identity and website from scratch, reflecting their specialized services.

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    Accounting Seo's

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    3 people

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    SEO Services

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    United Kingdom


The Accounting SEO design journey started with creating a versatile logo that resonates with their brand for both online and print use. Next, we worked with the client to define the website’s design through a detailed research process. We meticulously planned the structure, covering essential pages such as services and case studies. After the structure was approved, we designed each page with a focus on clarity and ease of navigation. The color palette chosen for the design includes dark blue for the background, blue-violet for accents, and gray for content blocks. This combination creates a professional and visually appealing theme. The design emphasizes clear presentation of information, including areas for reviews and real SEO statistics, ensuring a transparent and informative user experience.


We developed the Accounting SEO website using WordPress and Oxygen Builder, as requested by the client. This approach allowed us to create a highly customized and responsive website that met the client’s vision with precision and flexibility. Our focus was on developing a site that was both aesthetically pleasing and functionally robust, catering to the specific needs of an SEO agency. The website was designed to be fully adaptive. This ensures a seamless experience across various devices and screen sizes. Accounting SEO’s expertise and services are effectively communicated through this development strategy. The site is also easy to navigate and interact with.


To improve Accounting SEO, we created a cohesive brand identity and a fully functional website. Our comprehensive approach included logo design and website development to ensure a consistent brand experience. We tailored the website’s structure and design to showcase Accounting SEO’s services and successes, with dedicated sections for case studies and client testimonials. We chose the color scheme and layout to improve readability and engage users. This makes it easy for potential clients to understand the services we offer. We used Oxygen Builder in WordPress to create a customized and adaptive website that meets the client’s specific requirements and preferences.


The Accounting SEO project’s completion was a significant achievement in brand and web development. The agency’s niche expertise in SEO for accountants is effectively encapsulated in the cohesive brand identity and fully functional, custom-designed website. Onyxer Digital’s capability to deliver end-to-end web solutions, from conceptualization to execution, is highlighted by this project, providing Accounting SEO with a powerful online presence to attract and engage their target clientele.

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