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To create a website for a company specializing in antique sales, we developed a flexible and intuitive solution. Our task included adding products from various sellers and the ability to temporarily open and close the site during sales and between them.

We created a specialized platform that allowed site administrators to easily add new products and manage content. For customer convenience, we integrated functionality to temporarily open and close the site depending on the sales events. When sales were not taking place, the site automatically transitioned to a closed mode, displaying a countdown timer until the next event. This maintained interest and anticipation among visitors while providing efficient content management based on the company’s current needs.

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The website design adheres to a clean aesthetic, predominantly featuring black and white colors with the possibility of incorporating some accent colors. The site structure follows the classic layout of e-commerce platforms, consisting of the following pages: homepage, product page, wishlist, cart, and checkout.

We implemented a black and white design to create a sleek and modern look while ensuring maximum emphasis on the products. The design of all pages, including the homepage, product pages, wishlist, cart, and checkout, was meticulously developed and approved in collaboration with the client.


The development of the website posed the primary challenge in this project. Given the site’s requirement to adapt to various sales events, we had to incorporate multiple page layouts. These layouts can be selected by administrators based on the ongoing sale.

Another challenge was integrating the site with a shipping service via API. Since the shipping service specialized in antiques and lacked a dedicated plugin, we had to develop a custom plugin. This plugin calculates shipping based on specified parameters and displays it on the product page for immediate visibility. Additionally, it is integrated into the checkout process to include shipping costs in the order total.

The final stage of development involved implementing a custom timer that controls the site’s opening and closing for users.

Overall, the development of the site and its functionality took approximately a month. Following completion, we continued collaborating with the client to maintain and improve the site.


Through our collaboration, the client received a website that meets all their requirements and expectations. We developed a clean and modern design, based on a black-and-white palette with accent colors, along with a site structure that easily adapts to various sales events. Integration with the shipping service’s API and the development of a custom plugin for shipping calculation ensured convenience for the client during purchases, as well as accurate determination of shipping costs on the product page and during checkout. Additionally, our team implemented functionality for a custom timer that automatically opens and closes the site based on the current sale time. All these enhancements enabled the client to effectively attract and retain visitor attention, providing a pleasant and convenient user experience.

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