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Modern Online Store for Sports Enthusiasts: Where to Buy Essential Sporting Goods and Sports Nutrition.

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    Crunch Fitness

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    4 people

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After consulting with the client, we collectively decided on the style direction for the future website. Once the style was chosen, we proceeded to develop and finalize the site’s structure in collaboration with the client. We then delved into the design phase, crafting the initial few pages and seeking approval from the client to ensure alignment with their vision. This iterative process allowed us to ensure that we were on the same page with the client regarding the design direction. Subsequently, we continued refining the design until completion, after which we obtained final approval from the client


After finalizing the design and obtaining approval, we commenced development. For development, we opted for the WordPress CMS and integrated the WooCommerce plugin to incorporate e-commerce functionality seamlessly. The client selected Stripe as the preferred payment gateway. Within a two-week timeframe, we diligently developed the website according to the approved design. We ensured that the site was fully responsive, crafting adaptive versions for mobile and tablet devices. Subsequently, we handed over the development to the SEO department for content and product population.


In the end, the client received a fully designed and developed website. We launched it one week after completing our work. We provided the client with all the source files for both design and development. Additionally, we continued collaborating with the client to work on the SEO project.

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