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The client is a company based in New Zealand specializing in plastering and painting for residential and commercial properties. With a long-standing presence in the market, they aimed to revamp their website to attract more online orders.
The task was to create a website design from scratch, incorporating the client’s preferences and examples, and to develop a site using the WordPress CMS with the correct URL structure for future SEO optimization.

  • Client

    Premium Plastering and Painting

  • Team

    3 people

  • Launched


  • Industry

    Renovation and Repearing

  • Location

    New Zeland


For the design, we utilized the structure of the client’s existing website as a foundation. When selecting the site’s style, we presented several mood board options for the client to choose from. Once we agreed on the style and structure of the site, we began designing the homepage to showcase to the client how the rest of the site would look. After the client approved the chosen style and homepage design, we proceeded with the development. Upon completing the design of all pages, we finalized the design with the client and prepared it for the developers.


We initiated the website development using ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) on the WordPress CMS. This approach enabled the client to have access to editing the site, adding new pages from existing blocks, and ensuring the site’s flexibility and ease of use for both administrators and the SEO team.

We developed both mobile and desktop versions of the site, filled it with content, and thoroughly tested it internally within the team and in collaboration with the client.


The client received a unique design, tailored to their requirements and preferences, developed from scratch. We provided the client with all design assets and source materials. Additionally, they received a fast and user-friendly custom website, well-adapted for all types of devices

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