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Onyxer Digital proudly presents our web development project for Mercatus Agency, a firm specializing in marketing services for Amazon sellers. Our objective was to create a streamlined, efficient website that embodies their expertise in e-commerce marketing.

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    Mercatus Agency

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    3 people

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    Amazon Services

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The design process for Mercatus Agency’s website was simple and efficient. We started by creating a compelling Hero Section that set the tone and style for the entire website. This design element captured the essence of Mercatus Agency’s brand – professional, focused, and efficient. Our team quickly established a harmonious design direction to ensure the website’s aesthetics aligned with the client’s vision. The design emphasizes ease of navigation and clarity. The layout is intuitive and guides visitors through Mercatus Agency’s services. The website is visually appealing and functionally robust, showcasing their case studies in Amazon marketing services. Clean lines, coherent color schemes, and strategic content placement were used to achieve this.


The Mercatus Agency website was developed with a focus on creating a user-friendly and accessible online presence. We utilized WordPress and the Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) plugin to create a single-page website with additional pages dedicated to case studies. This structure provides a seamless and cohesive user experience, allowing visitors to easily navigate the site and access detailed information about Mercatus Agency’s successes and services. The ACF plugin was crucial in providing flexible block functionality. It enabled us to tailor each section to the specific needs and highlights of Mercatus Agency’s work. The result is a streamlined and easy-to-navigate website that effectively communicates the value and expertise of Mercatus Agency in the Amazon marketplace.


We focused on simplicity and effectiveness when designing the Mercatus Agency website. The website features a single-page design, with individual case study pages that provide a concise overview of their services and in-depth insights into their successful projects. This layout allows potential clients to quickly understand the breadth of Mercatus Agency’s expertise while also having the option to explore detailed case studies. Our development strategy ensured that the website is visually appealing and highly functional. We emphasized ease of use and accessibility. The flexible block functionality allows for future scalability, ensuring that the website can evolve alongside Mercatus Agency’s growing portfolio of services and client successes.


The Mercatus Agency website is now complete, providing a concise and comprehensive online platform. The final product effectively showcases their specialized services in Amazon marketing, offering a clear, accessible, and engaging user experience. This project demonstrates Onyxer Digital’s ability to create customized web solutions that perfectly align with our clients’ business objectives and market positioning.

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