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Onyxer Digital is proud to present our latest e-commerce project for Goodshoe, a trendy sneaker store. Our challenge was to create a visually stunning online store that captures the unique appeal of their sneaker collection.

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Our design process for Goodshoe focused on creating a fresh and vibrant user interface to showcase their unique sneaker collection. We drew inspiration from various sources and infused the design with color and vitality, making it stand out. We used non-traditional solutions for the product cards, adding an element of excitement and engagement. The design extended to all key pages, including the homepage, catalog, and individual product pages, each featuring innovative UI and UX elements. The product display received special attention, with dynamic flipping effects incorporated to enhance the shopping experience. The overall design aims to make browsing and selecting sneakers an enjoyable and visually appealing process for customers, emphasizing the uniqueness and style of Goodshoe’s collection.


We chose WordPress and the WooCommerce plugin to develop the Goodshoe online store. This combination provided a robust foundation for a modern online store with full functionality. Our focus was on creating a seamless shopping experience from browsing to checkout. We integrated the Stripe payment system to offer secure and versatile payment options. We streamlined shipping functionalities using ShipStation, which enables automatic creation of shipping tickets and simplifies logistics. Our development efforts focused on creating a smooth, efficient, and user-friendly e-commerce platform. We paid particular attention to mobile responsiveness to ensure that customers have a consistent shopping experience across various devices.


We created a website for Goodshoe that combines innovative design with efficient e-commerce functionality. The website showcases their unique sneaker collection and provides a seamless shopping experience. By integrating WooCommerce with WordPress, we made it easy to manage product listings, inventory, and sales. Our design solutions aimed to engage customers, encourage exploration, and drive sales. We streamlined the purchasing and shipping processes with Stripe and ShipStation integrations, making online shopping hassle-free. The Goodshoe website is not just a platform for transactions but an extension of their brand’s personality and appeal.


Onyxer Digital’s expertise in creating engaging and functional e-commerce websites is evident in the completed Goodshoe online store. The site offers an immersive and user-friendly shopping experience, beautifully showcasing the sneaker collection. The successful integration of WooCommerce, Stripe, and ShipStation has resulted in a fully functional and visually appealing online store that reflects the cool and vibrant essence of the Goodshoe brand.

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